4 The Gleek merging with Magnae Famae

4 The Gleek is leaving its existing place, and moving in with Magnae Famae.

Tripletech Ideas has decided that all of the news websites should be merged under one title, Magnae Famae. Currently Magnae Famae covers Tech, World News, London 2012 Olympics, and Pop Culture. We are going to move 4 The Gleek to simply “Glee” under Pop Culture, at Magnae Famae.

This is simply to make things easier for not only us, but our readers as well.

Thanks, and sorry for any inconveniences this may cause!

Fox releases Glee Season 4 preview

Fox has released a 30 second promo for Season 4, basically asking questions. It looks like no new footage (obviously, as shooting has not started yet).

“Who stays?” “Who goes?” No one knows… except the writers (and even them we can’t be sure).

So, watch the promo below!

And that was the end…

The Season Finale of Glee just finished airing.

It has been great reporting for 4 The Gleek, and I can’t wait for Season 4!

Have a great summer!

Also- Don’t forget that Glee News will continue to be posted here, as it is announced over the summer months, as well.

Promo for Glee’s Season Finale ‘Goodbye’ released

Here is the Promo for the Season Finale of Glee!

Official: Glee’s moving to a new day and a new time, How Season 4 will start and guest stars!

Fox has announced that Glee will be moving to Thursday at 9PM Eastern (10PM Atlantic). This is because Tuesday will be a comedy night and Thursday will be a musical night, as Glee will follow X-Factor.

“Ultimately we really want that four comedy block. Even in this day and age of DVRs, there’s a flow between comedies and we have a cohesive block. We’ve seen before that Glee is very compatible. As Glee gets more mature, we thought this was the best way to propel it through the next couple of seasons.”


Also Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson will be guest starring in a six episode arc in Season 4 as well.

In her first return to television since “Sex in the City,” Emmy Award-winning actress and fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker will guest star in the fourth season of GLEE. Additional details about her character and storyline will be released at a later date.

To kick off GLEE’s fourth season, Golden Globe Award winner and Academy Award nominee Kate Hudson will join the cast in a six-episode arc. Additional details about her character and storyline will be released at a later date.

What do you think about the guest stars and the switch to Thursdays?

Glee could be moving to Thursday Nights

Logo of the Fox Broadcasting Company

Logo of the Fox Broadcasting Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rumor has it that Fox will announce that Glee will be moved to Thursday night, and to a later time as well, to remove the Pre-teen audience that Glee currently has.

Tuesday Night will become a Comedy Night with shows like New Girl and Raising Hope. While Thursday will be more of a Music night, as Glee would follow X-Factor.

This could be a grab to the current X-Factor audience, to watch Glee and X-Factor in one night.

Fox will present their official Fall line up tomorrow, and we will post an update here.

The Final Day of Glee, on set!

Here are some photos from the final day on set for Glee: Season 3.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do you think these photos mean for Season 4?


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